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Claims and remittance advices can be submitted and retrieved electronically through your existing clearinghouse or billing company.

  • If you do not use a clearinghouse or billing company, you can use the EZ-NET Provider Portal for online submission.
  • Providers can submit claims through their clearinghouse and receive electronic remits. For claims questions, contact the NHC Advantage at 1-844-854-6886 (TTY 711). For EZ-NET support, contact [email protected].

For ease of processing payment, electronic claims are preferred; however, if you are unable to send us a claim electronically, please mail it to:

NHC Advantage
P.O. Box 21593
Eagan, MN 55121

SSI Claimsnet Customer Support


Download the EFT Authorization Form and Agreement

NHC Advantage South Carolina and Tennessee EFT Form NHC Advantage Missouri EFT Form