We transitioned to a new provider portal on January 1, 2024. EZ Net can be accessed through 12/31/2024 for 2023 date of service claims only.
2023 Authorizations can be accessed through 6/30/24 on the legacy portal. For additional information please navigate to the 2024 updates

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EZ-NET Provider Portal

Reasons to use the EZ-NET Provider Portal

If you are a current NHC HealthCare provider, log-in to use the EZ-NET Provider Portal. Or, click here to submit a claim.

EZ NET Provider Portal offers Providers secure, web-based access to health care information, including claims, eligibility, and benefits. And, its secure method protects the HIPAA privacy of our Members.

The EZ-NET Provider Portal allows providers access to:

  • Submit claims into the EZ CAP system
  • Verify Member eligibility
  • View Member authorization history
  • Check the status of claims/encounter information
  • Look up procedure codes, diagnosis codes, and other general reference information

How to Register for EZ-NET?

Providers can register a new user through the New User Registration link on the EZ-NET Provider Portal.

After registering as a New User, you will receive a confirmation email message asking you to verify your account. The email will be sent to the email address you provided. To confirm your account, click on the confirmation link provided in the email.

Once the EZ-CAP Administrator verifies your account in EZ-CAP, you will be notified that your EZ-NET login is fully activated; and you will receive directions on how to access the EZ-NET Provider Portal.

How to retrieve or reset my EZ-NET password?

For a forgotten username or password, Providers should click on “Forgot Username/Password” on the EZ-NET Provider Portal. An example of the pre-login page is shown below.

You will be taken to a new screen where you will enter your User Name and Email Address to Retrieve Your Password.

Click “Clear” to clear all entries or click “Next” to submit request to Reset Your Password.

Click on the hyperlink “Forgot your Username” to retrieve your username. (Note – this will only work if the Password Recovery Question and Answer Setup has been created.)

If you are unable to do password recovery, send a password reset request to [email protected]. Make sure you include your username so that we can locate your EZ-NET user account. You can also call 1-844-854-6886 (TTY 711), option 4 for assistance on password resets and status of claims submission.